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Re: Screenmode won't adjust after changing to smaller screen size.

Subject: Re: Screenmode won't adjust after changing to smaller screen size.
by m1nuto on 2017/10/8 1:45:36


I had to boot from the CD because my installation wouldn't let me change the screen size. I am encountering a bud, that seems to be an issue of compatibility between the Radeon HD 7700 series card and OS4.1.

It happens every time I change the resolution down from the resolution that I want to use, say to play Gorky or something, which is on a small resolution window, and I want to blow it up by using a smaller resolution on my monitor. If I switch down to say 800x600, when I want to go back up to 1536x2048 ARGB32 @ ~60Hz, I can use the Test tool, and the test screen displays perfectly on the monitor. Once I click the Save button, Workbench tried to restart, to no avail, and once I reboot the system, hello 800x600.

Sorry it took so long to reply, I was so hella frustrated at now the 4th time I've reinstalled the OS, that I didn't mess with her for almost a week. Well that and I got a Nintendo Switch :P yummmm Zelda :)
But once it goes down there just is no changing the resolution back up... stuck. Almost called Amiga on the Lake to tell them I need a new video card, but reinstalled instead since I know I can get it back to where I need it after a fresh install and the addition of the Enhancer Pack.

Once I have a perfectly working and prepared installtion on DH0, I will be backing up to an alternate partition so in the event it somehow happens again (unlikely since I know that every time I change the resolution down it happens) I can fix it without having to reinstall the whole OS again. I probably could just backup the drawer that stores the data files the prefs modify, but just as easy to backup the entire partition.

Thanks for the advice though.
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