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PCI very slow when using Radeon9250 on X1000 ?

Subject: PCI very slow when using Radeon9250 on X1000 ?
by zzd10h on 2013/1/6 0:13:57

I'm using a PCI Radeon 9250 128bits 256mB (only 128mB are recognized) to have Overlay and native Warp3D on my x1000. 

I have tried to play a HD movie with this gfx card, it works but it's really worst than on my Peg2 AGP Radeon 9000Pro (sold last week)

When I play this movie
http://mirrorblender.top-ix.org/peach ... k_bunny_720p_surround.avi

In fullscreen and in window mode, I have 34% of skipped frames (16 fps) with DVPlayer verbose option (same skipped frame % in fullscreen and window mode)

On the Peg2, I only have 2% of skipped frames (23 fps)

Indicating by RageMem, the Video bus speed is very slow (Read = 3 mB/sec, Write = 25 mB/sec) comparing to Peg2 (52 and 221 respectively)
I have tried it with 3 cards (2 9250 128bits and 1 9250 64bits) and the DVPlayer results are around the same for each...

http://zzd10h.amiga-ng.org/Divers/Rad ... DVPlayer_RageMem_9250.jpg

I have tested to put the Radeon9250 on the Starteck PCI2PCIE adapter. 
And it works very better (but far of my Peg2 results)

For the same DVPlayer video 
Now, I just have 5% of skipped frames and 22 fps 
(instead of 34% and 16 fps for the test directly on the PCI slot) 

Video Bus Read = 17 MB/s (instead of 3 MB/s directly on PCI slot) 

Video Bus Write = 31 MB/s (instead of 25 MB/s directly on PCI slot) 

http://zzd10h.amiga-ng.org/Divers/Rad ... yer_RageMem_9250_PCIE.jpg

Unfortunately, I can't keep the 9250 on the Starteck adapter, the card is to much heavy.

It's strange, that the PCI slot and PCI-E were so slow with the Radeon 9250, no ?

1) I thought that the slowest PCI bandwith (33mhz) was around 100 mB/sec...
Do you know where I am wrong ?

2) And do you know if the future Gallium3D will resolve this Overlay big problem ?

Thank you if you could help me on one of these 2 questions.
And sorry for this long post.

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