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Re: Some news

Subject: Re: Some news
by jaokim on 2016/8/5 10:15:47


tl;dr: 68k won't happen from me, and I don't put much effort in trying to keep compatible to pre OS 4. But if someone manages to build stuff on my work that support 68k, I'm not reluctant to incorporate patches.

Now, long rant:
In order to have Java, you need, 1) the virtual machine to execute bytecode, and 2) the JDK that actually builds up the Java standard.

A 68k port won't happen from me. Mostly because I don't have the time.
Currently I'm using the Java virtual machine "jamvm" which support various platforms, but not 68k. The old JAmiga virtual machine can run on 68k, as can the really old GNU Kaffe VM (available on aminet). These do however only support Java 1.4, using GNU classpath. When I tried updating the old JAmiga VM it lacked a few functions to support newer Java versions, which is why I ported jamvm.

As for my OpenJDK porting efforts, these use the Amiga API, so in theory it'd be possible to use that as a base for an OS 3.x implementation. I do however use new stuff in the AOS 4.1 API, and I really don't bother to check whether it is compatible to OS 3.

Regarding jamvm, my port supports Amiga libraries, i.e. no .so-stuff, and I aim to keep it that way. So, one possibility is to add 68k support to jamvm. Can't remember if jamvm has a clean C implementation. I know that OpenJDK's VM Hotspot has a "zero" implementation in C++ that could possibly be compiled for 68k. But I really doubt it's an easy port, and I really doubt even a 060 would be able to run at decent speed.

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