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Re: Amigabounty.net not able to accept donations atm.

Subject: Re: Amigabounty.net not able to accept donations atm.
by joerg on 2010/8/14 3:49:16


But I have also read some of the horror stories about Paypal
The main problem with PayPal is that most users don't read, or if they do don't understand, their TOS, most even think the virtual and worthless values displayed in their PayPal balance would be real money they own. PayPal may convert it to real money by transfering it to a bank account or credit card, and they usually do, but they don't have to, and if they don't they don't need any reasons for it, nor for freezing or even completely closing accounts.

The worst parts don't apply to the amigabounty,net account, though. The TOS of PayPal (Europe) S.? r.l. aren't nearly as bad as the ones of PayPal Inc. (USA) since a lot of the unfair practices of PayPal Inc. are illegal in Europe, but it's still very bad.

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