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Re: Java on Amiga

Subject: Re: Java on Amiga
by Hans on 2009/11/15 21:40:07


I'm going to try to get the ball rolling here. Joakim suggested splitting into getting Java 1.4 running stable and getting Java 1.5 working at all. We're probably going to need to subdivide this further. Have a look at GNU classpath's compatibility to JDK1.5, that's a long list of separate components (which each have plenty of sub-components).

Here are some of the components that I think could be separated out, in order of importance:

- Adapting JNI to Amiga OS so that people can compile native modules that JAmiga (or some other JVM) can load separately.
- Get the latest version of GNU Classpath working, or start on using OpenJDK
- get Graphics2D and AWT working
- get Swing working
- Make JAmiga also work as an NPAPI plugin, and implement the Applet and JApplet native methods so that OWB, Timberwolf, and other browsers can use Java
- implement some sort of security model support (maybe this should be done before it's released with browser plugin support)
- A JIT runtime compiler for speed
- other less important modules (see here for the list of JDK1.5 modules)

Some input from people who are more familiar with Java would be greatly appreciated. I haven't developed anything in Java for years.

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