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Re: Are the website/forum search working?

Subject: Re: Are the website/forum search working?
by Raziel on 2020/3/24 22:22:31


The second, Catweasel in the X1000, ADF Copy in the PC

Both don't have spare places for a floppy (*), so the PC has it's drive sitting outside the case (not using it THAT often anyway) and the X1000 doesn't have the catwesel hardware installed at all atm (But if there will be a use for the SID hardware (i.e. with your player), i will certainly put it back in).

I don't really do much with floppies on the X1000 anymore anyway, have all my stuff copied over a long time ago, games, programs, backups and so on.

Like i said, once i can make good use of the SID chips i'll plant it back in again

The PC is a low-profile hp server station i got as a refurbished sale and it blows everthing i had before that away (when it comes to pure cpu grunt)
But it also lacks the available space to install a floppy (either a floppy or a HDD, so the floppy stays out).

The X1000 case does have a second 5.25" bay, but it also has default closed bay doors since i use a a case model that works with "over-pressure" (fresh air gets sucked in on two sides, while no air gets sucked out, rather it's "pressed" out through the mandatory back openings. Works great, i have to say, but it comes with the exception that the bay doors needs to be closed all the time, except when i load or unload a cd/dvd.
And since amiga floppies don't work like a cd/dvd tray and won't eject a floppy disc automatically i'd never reach the disc, so i vouched for not installing it.)

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