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Re: Web browser in 2021?

Subject: Re: Web browser in 2021?
by redfox on 2021/9/5 16:20:18


I installed Timberwolf RC3 so long ago that I don't remember if there was any special trick to make it work.

VERY IMPORTANT: Read the included Readme file, it contains vital information about how to run Timberwolf.

Over the years, I have installed some beta versions, RC1, RC2 and RC3. I seem to recall simply downloading each new version and installing it in its own drawer to test then deleting or archiving the previous version.

There are some files that should be copied over to the new version, user configs and bookmarks.

Timberwolf uses alot of memory and requires the "random" device for some functions. Can't remember if it requires special fonts.

For many years, I had the "random" device disabled because it caused instability on my system. This prevented me from saving bookmarks in Timberwolf.

"Random" device seems to work ok now on AmigaOS 4.1 FE Update 2 (fingers crossed hoping I didn't jinx myself by saying so).

BTW, Timberwolf does not like JXFS partitions, but is ok with FFS2 and SFS2 partitions.


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