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Re: Wayfarer Browser programmer interested in licencing to A-Eon for OS4.1

Subject: Re: Wayfarer Browser programmer interested in licencing to A-Eon for OS4.1
by 328gts on 2021/5/1 18:31:09

@ kas1e

I see your pont about 'licensing' vs porting but still if Wayfarer is much better than our Odyssey and the programmer is willing to help out in some way you would think that someone from A-Eon (since Hyperion is/has been MIA) would at least reach out to see if any collaboration could be worth while

walkero wrote:

In my opinion, we should focus more on creating applications that move internet stuff to desktop, like watching video streams (i.e. aiostreams) or discover music and media (i.e. MediaVault). We should also keep updating applications that consumes streams, like AmigaAmp and Emotion. For me, I am pretty happy with Odyssey so far. I can watch YouTube on 720p pretty fine, with the Emotion av libraries and Radeon va libraries, and I can visit most of the websites I care about. I can watch Twitch streams with aiostreams, and listen music while I develop something. Sure, there are websites that seem broken on Odyssey. If we could update the WebKit to newer version, if not to newest, that would be awesome. Again, in my opinion, Wayfarer licensing will not help, as much as I see it.

I'm fine with this too since if I can download a video or website or podacst that I want to see on my Amiga and play it on my Amiga at that moment without having to use my PC notebook I'd be ok with that.

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