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Re: Wayfarer Browser programmer interested in licencing to A-Eon for OS4.1

Subject: Re: Wayfarer Browser programmer interested in licencing to A-Eon for OS4.1
by kas1e on 2021/5/1 9:53:42


Again a sober take on the situation. I think Cameron Kaiser of TenFourFox and Classilla fame summed this up well in the "End of TenFourFox" blogpost:

Exactly :(


Even if it is about licensing, that would be better than reïnventing the wheel!

Just someone should port it after still, which means skilled person, which, then, if that person is around us, can do it before too. And while there no such developer(s) it means if AEON licence source code for 20 thousand or how much there needs it, there probably need also pretty much work to spend to port it all from morphos related pats (which since Odyssey times changes for sure as well, and some need total rewrite and reimplementation on os4 port). It also ObjectiveC (all the morphos parts), so again make no sense to have that source code at all.

I mean, why AEON need to spend 20k$ for example, to have sources, which in general need a full rewrite? There no sense in it. I can understand if Jadacaps have a will to port it to OS4 for more money, then yeah. But having sources that need a rewrite, adapt, etc, etc and sitting on them have no big sense, realy. It just too much was changed in MoprhOS itself, in the way how they code, in their GCC fixes, that porting such a beast will be harder than writing new GUI on top of a modern WebKit.

And IMHO, if someone needs hobby-PPC-OS just for and only for Browser, then why just not use MorphOS as the main os ?:)

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