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Re: First user's report of new Intel HD Audio (Azalia) driver by geennaam

Subject: Re: First user's report of new Intel HD Audio (Azalia) driver by geennaam
by walkero on 2021/7/20 14:05:48

I also hope you rethink of it and get back, more motivated.

I've seen negativity, bitterness and zealotism (close to religious fanatism) when it comes to OS4. Not only on amigaworld.net and other sites/chats, but recently on this site as well.

This is happening now because, since the start of the year 2021, a lot changed for OS4, and it is logical to see people disagree, express themselves, even overreact some times. We have seen good and not so good changes, which for sure, help the platform to move forward. We have seen new software released, including your awesome drivers. So, I don't see why anyone should lose motivation.

You see, based on my perspective, the motivation comes from inside. The remaining developers create software because first of all is something that fulfills us, learn something new, and even earn some money.

In such situation, the good words and the support from the community is crucial, so to make us feel that we do something that is useful to someone. And I believe we are all very supportive and positive here. In my situation, I don't have any complain for anyone, because a lot of you tested, run and gave me feedback for my programs and scripts, and I thank you all for that.

No matter what someone writes and says about X person or company can change the above. Amigans.net is a free to speak place, and this is the way it will always be. And since we agree that all of us are free to express ourselves, that's how this community remains alive and moves forward.

And if anyone here observe something you don't like in the forum, feel free to contact me or Orgin, and speak about it. We will listen and do the best we can to solve or reduce it.

So why spend my precious spare time on anything other than my own needs. I'd rather spend it with my family instead.

Family always comes first. If it makes you feel good to develop a new driver, make UAE run better or fix some issues, it would be great to have you back.

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