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Re: Updater won't run

Subject: Re: Updater won't run
by Raziel on 2020/12/5 19:50:59


Yes, since the "change" of the login system a few days ago it's now running in circles (did anyone ever explain *what* was changed?).


Taken directly out of my mouth.

I feel like i'm being abused as beta tester all the way from one "company" while left out in the rain from another.
Both on commercial and paid products.

Sure, there are *tiny* updates, sure there is "movement", but what do i care for gadgets whose full potential will only be used in programs (updates) meant for and released in Enhancer 2?
That's just bs*itting with the customers once again...throwing out small unimportant updates so no one can say there are no updates...yeah, not that those gain anything for us mere users.
(Draw new buyers for the upcoming E2...tell them what the updated gadgets will unlock in those programs only available in E2...sneaky, at best)

But hey, they are doing a really great job and i am sure i don't know what i'm talking about
/sarcasm off

But that's for another thread

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