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Re: Shaderjoy 1.0

Subject: Re: Shaderjoy 1.0
by Daytona675x on 2020/5/3 8:52:59

Did i got it right, that this mean if there will be DMA it will be faster ? I.e. now we meassure sending to the GPU of fragment shaders ?

No. Here having DMA / GART makes almost no differnce here because nothing but some bytes are being sent to the GPU each frame (maybe 100 in worst case, depending on DBO layout and on which uniforms change).
We don't measure any sending of fragment shaders neither. Those aren't sent per frame. It's compiled once and sent / activated once when you select the desired effect.
What's measured here is the fragment-shader being run for every fragment (which in this case means for every pixel, because we only draw a window-sized rectangle), that's it (well, plus some rather static function call / OS overhead etc. of course). So the current AmigaOS-brakes don't apply here.

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