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Re: Shaderjoy 1.0

Subject: Re: Shaderjoy 1.0
by Daytona675x on 2020/5/2 4:12:36

Does it have iChannel support?

No, it's rudimentary: it supports iResolution, iGlobalTime, iTimeDelta iFrame and iMouse. Back then I was too lazy to add some sort of texture-manager, so no iChannel The variable list on the top right is just a reminder

Note that with ShaderJoy you only measure fill-rate / Nova's fragment shader performance, pretty much nothing else: the geometry is just a static quad, the vertex shader is minimalistic, the shader program never changes. The only thing that changes per frame and therefore is being sent to the GPU is the DBO with the handful of uniform variables.

Would be very interesting to see how those fps numbers compare to a Windows rig with the same gfx card.

Here are my results:
X5000, ogles2 3.0 (wip), Nova 1.68, passively cooled R7 250 1GB:

default (blue window): 1049

capehill/amigaa: 1046
capehill/bars: 862
capehill/gear: 1046
capehill/helloh: 1033
capehill/helloh2: 1016
capehill/mandelbrot: 42
capehill/nuts: 1045
capehill/ripple: 1048

shadertoy/dueling_mandelbulbs: 363
shadertoy/foot_torus: 11
shadertoy/kissing_donuts: 14
shadertoy/sunset: 909
shadertoy/yetanother_torus: 18

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