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Re: Shaderjoy 1.0

Subject: Re: Shaderjoy 1.0
by kas1e on 2020/5/1 13:52:40


Some shaders are really beautiful, like kissing_donuts and foot_torus.

Do some frame-rate table of all shaders on my setup (x5k + radeonHD 250x) (without VSYCN of course), and with default size of window on running (810x650 ?)

defaul (blue window) : 1188

capehill/amigaa : 1186
capehill/bars: 990
capehill/gear: 1187
capehill/helloh: 1167
capehill/helloh2 : 1147
capehill/mandelbrot: 48 (?)
capehill/nuts: 1186
capehill/ripple: 1190

shadertoy/dueling_mandelbulbs : 418
shadertoy/foot_torus: 13 (?)
shadertoy/kissing_donuts: 13 (?)
shadertoy/sunset: 1030 (is it static, or something should changes there?)
shadertoy/yetanother_torus: 21 (?)

So far some are fast as expected, some are pretty slow.

Intersting also that when i resize the window, speed of execution pretty much slower down (i was under impression, that with ogles2, most of time does not matter size of window, it all about the same should be).

But if just more data need to be transfered from ram to vram, then we hit DMA wall then..

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