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Re: GL4ES: another OpenGL over OpenGLES2 emulation - some tech. info and porting progress

Subject: Re: GL4ES: another OpenGL over OpenGLES2 emulation - some tech. info and porting progress
by kas1e on 2019/9/13 13:55:26



Are you sure ?
(When I coded Wazp3D57 with Nova rendering) I have tried differents methods for updating a VBO but it seems to be slow

In tracers log i post, you can see at end 2 tables: warp3dnova profile and ogles2 profile. So in warp3d one you can see how much and what function of warp3dnova take time. And creating of vbo there is okish, didnt take all time.

Besides, VBO used everywhere in other games/examples, but only those examples slow that much. So they seems to do something which make our drivers be that slow in compare with even just amd1.6ghz with inbuild intel. I even didnt say about modern computers, but be THAT slow, show that something is really wrong somewhere.


Also when I was testing a simple raymarching test i found that Nova GLSL seems to have very strange bugs: I mean all is fine when GLSL code is compiled but strange artefacts appears like the GLSL code was computing badly at some pixels (like a rounding fpu bug)in frag shader

Nova shaders compiler still WIP, but lately it start to be better and better. It sadly have optimisation disabled because of some bug, but visual bugs can be checked and reported, so Hans may fix it.

If you have that raymarching test, we can test it on last nova, then test it on ogles2 on windows (to be sure your code correct), and the create a bugreport. I can help with tests (but lets create another topic about ?)
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