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Re: Enhancer Bug thread

Subject: Re: Enhancer Bug thread
by broadblues on 2019/7/16 16:47:13

Firstly could you edit you script so that the really long lines are manualy word wrapped? It'smake the forum unsuably wide to the point that is pushing the width of OWB past the compositing limit on my SAM!

Secondly I'm not sure what you mjean by


I don't know the inner workings of Notification or it's PERCENTAGE handling, but the bold quote is not true imho.
You can clearly se (and test) that EVERY PERCENTAGE bar gets addressed seperately, even with it's unique percentage number

There is only one notification width with a progress bar in the notification in your script. There *is* no way to indentify seprate prgress notifications except by using a different Appname so as I said there *is only one per application*. A script may have more than one application in if you need to (so can a binary app for that matter).


So, why not simply detach the PERCENTAGE bar from a given app's Notification and instead force it to be drawn (and released) completely on every Notification command/instance?
That would also make the fact much more logical that the PERCENTAGE switch has to be set on every PERCENTAGE bar update (...or so i understand it's working...)

And what if there is more than one application? Should YAMs email notificationjs get your percentage bar? You are not thinking straight or not saying what you mean.


Also, since i believe i.e. Updater uses the new Enhancer class (i think it's called "ProgressBar.gadget") to display a "true" interactive ProgressBar inside a Notification window, the PERCENTAGE switch should probably stay what it is, a switch that has to be called everytime a Notification is sent.

Updater can use a notification if RinHIO is running yes, (otherwise it uses a requester which is more sensible IMHO) but it is exactly the same one you are using from your script.

PERCENTGE is not a 'switch' as such as it has varying values, but it does need to be set for each notification that pertains t the progress notification other wise you will get completely new notifications.


Does that make any sense to you?

Not entirely no TBH

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