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Re: Enhancer Bug thread

Subject: Re: Enhancer Bug thread
by broadblues on 2019/7/16 12:11:55





UPDATE does not update the current notification, rather it clears all existing notificatins and adds a new one

Clearly a joke from the developer then, giving a switch a name that does not imply it's purpose...why not call it CLEAR or REPLACE then?

I think the idea is to update the user removing previouly invalid information.


Updates from a new s app.

Early warning system detect missile lauch!

Global Nuclear war!

Low flying penguin triggers early warnings system nuclear forces stand dowm

The last 'update' invalidates the first two so they are removed.


Hopefully the BREAK paddle in my car has been given a saner name

I hope so too lol.



When PERCENTAGE is used it does actually appear to update the existing wincow, which is why the window doesn't change size

But, as i understand it, the fact that it doesn't resize or rather adapt the window size to the new text/entries completely defies the purpose of the whole "updating the window"...if the user end up with non-readable, "hidden underneath the percentage bar" text.

One issue is that once a notification is queued it's size is somewhat fixed by it's positions in the vertical stack of notifications, yours may not be the only app issueing them.

So far as I can tell there can be only one 'percentage' notification for any given app, as there is no way to specify which notification to modify the percentage of, so it might make sense to fix the title text and image ignoring those tags for a notification with updating prgress bar.

I think the original usage concept was someting like a fixed title saying "Downloading foo" and then to display a progress of that, not to be varying the text as well. That's starting to get into therealsm where an app should handking it's own windows with dedicated code.


Plus, only the text/entries get updated, not the icon that is sent with the Notification, so it's rather a "partly update".

I haven't worked my way through the code yet, perhaps the issue is that the text is *not* being corectly ignored whereas the image is!

And it might be that UPDATE is being handled after PERCENTAGE so the progress notificatin doesn't get closed, but the others do. (You first notifications do disappear when the percentage window starts up). Instead if UPDATE is added to args the progress wincdow should close and new one be started.

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