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Re: Workbench Explorer feedback

Subject: Re: Workbench Explorer feedback
by ChrisH on 2017/5/5 8:55:20

@mritter0 Quote:
For the people with slow startup times, are you connected to the Internet? Ethernet cable plugged in?

Yes to Ethernet cable plugged in & LAN network working , but I have no idea if internet was not working (it might have gone down very briefly without me noticing).

Why does it need to check for internet when started?

Keep checking the menu: Project->Check latest version
for updates. I will post them regularly. Check the Change Log for details.

It says there is an update, so I tell it to update. It downloads the archive to RAM:, and then reports an error saying that "The hashes do not match".

However, I can manually unpack the archive, so it is not corrupt. Therefore I think must be some hash-checking bug in your program.

1. ... you can toggle it off/on from menu or gadget View->Thumbnail.

Your explanation looks kind of scrambled to me. I would rephase that as:

You can toggle it off/on from the View->Layout->Thumbnail menu, or from a gadget near the top-right of the window.

However, even if Kas1e tried this, he will have seen a huge empty space where the Thumbnail was, and maybe not realised that this can be gotten rid of by dragging the bar above it. Perhaps your program could reset the space used to some minimum when disabling the Thumbnail? (But I don't know what would happen when you re-enable the Thumbnail again...)

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