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Re: I'm baaack! and I've forgotten everything...

Subject: Re: I'm baaack! and I've forgotten everything...
by Hans on 2015/5/24 22:02:28

What you missed depends on how long you've been gone.

His profile says that his last post here was back in 2012.

Apart from OS 4.1 FE...

- Version 2.x of the Radeon HD driver has been released with a new composited video feature. This is effectively a more modern version of "video overlay," and enables faster video playback
- MPlayer has been updated, including an update to use composited video
- ACube have released a lower cost version of the Sam460 called the Sam 460CR
- A-EON Technologies announced and is working toward releasing the AmigaOne X5000 series of computers based around Freescale P50x0 CPUs
- A-EON released Warp3D drivers for Southern Islands Radeon HD cards (developed by me)
- The AmiStore has been released; it's an app-store where you can buy AmigaOS software
- A number of game ports have been released, including OpenJK (Jedi Academy)
- Some original titles are also being worked on (if you're a Minecraft fan, check our AmiCraft on os4depot)
- Hollywood is available for purchase again, and at least one major update has been released
- Lots more...

Sorry for the graphics-centric nature of the list; that's because I'm involved in developing graphics stuff, so those items are easiest for me to remember.


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