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Re: Basilisk 1.0 beta testing

Subject: Re: Basilisk 1.0 beta testing
by ddni on 2014/5/16 13:08:59

thanks, but I think there is an issue with my system.
When I add a bootdisk or ROm to Basilisk, nothing appears in the file requestor window. Then nothing appears in the Mac Volume window apart from a 0 (zero) in the siaze column.

I tried a new install of Basilisk with no success. I am stumped...


Snoopy reports this Fail when I try to add a volume.

Log Generated by; Snoopy 53.32 (14.10.2013)

00001 : ENV/env-handler 52.2 : FAIL = Lock("ENVARC:classes/gadgets/chooser.gadget",SHARED) [32uS]
00002 : BasiliskII : FAIL = GetVar("classes/gadgets/chooser.gadget",0x508A845C,80,0x00000100) [160uS]
00003 : ENV/env-handler 52.2 : FAIL = Lock("ENVARC:classes/gadgets/chooser.gadget",SHARED) [19uS]
00004 : BasiliskII : FAIL = GetVar("classes/gadgets/chooser.gadget",0x508A821C,80,0x00000100) [109uS]

Ranger reports that I have chooser.gadget 53.18 installed in System:Classes/Gadgets/chooser.gadget and I can verify that the file is there.
There is no entry for chooser.gadget at System:Prefs/Env-Archive/Classes/Gadgets
Is this my issue?

I am still stumped.
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