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Re: Payback on OS4.1 guide

Subject: Re: Payback on OS4.1 guide
by thellier on 2015/1/13 9:51:40

>What happened with Warp3D when it was ported from AOS 3.x to AOS 4.x?

On OS3 it is Warp3D V4
On OS4 it is Warp3D V5
V5 got new functions for drawing stuff mainly the new W3D_InterleavedArray() used with old W3D_DrawArray()
and new W3D_SetTextureBlend() for setting all drawing "aspects"

This should theorycally not be a problem on Amigaish systems (.library upward compatibility)

But it seems that Warp3Dv5 have let down (=not implemented) the old drawing functions
It was (I suppose?!??) based on the fact that new OS4 progs will use MiniGL (that use Warp3D v5) and will not call the old/slow Warp3D V4 functions directly
Also some old Warp3D V4 drivers got an indirect mode (=fast) that is not implemented on OS4

Soooo running a w3d prog compiled for os3 on os4 will make calls to uninplemented functions, causing undetermined drawmodes but also freezes, hardwares locks, or crash...

Alain Thellier - Wazp3D
(*) see http://aminet.net/package/driver/video/PatchWarp3D about this topic

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