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Re: Simple wishlist for next AmigaOS

Subject: Re: Simple wishlist for next AmigaOS
by Chris on 2010/10/14 17:53:51


* Install scripts can?t update the default application for def icons.

Yes they can, with (tooltype (setdefaulttool)). Installer tip #28

What they can't do is add new filetypes to the DefIcons database.

I could also do with a system-wide reliable way of translating local file types to MIME types, but that's just me

Actually I don't like DefIcons at all. It would have been better to expand datatypes.library's file identification support (perhaps an extra database or non-iconed files in devs:datatypes, to avoid clutter with descriptors that do have datatypes associated with them), and use DataTypes as the global file identification hook.

You can also do some clever things with descriptors as you can write C code to identify files. Mind you, if the basic file identifaction had a few extra options that wouldn't be necessary. As they are IFF files you can add extra chunks too (that might solve my MIME typing issue without interfering with anything else, there was also a 3rd party datatypes.library which added chunks for different tools for editing, viewing etc - I'm not sure that's the right place but you can see the possibilities), and adding filetypes is as easy as dropping a file in - and the def_file.info of course.

I've brought this up in the past but for some reason everybody else seems to love DefIcons. Oh well.
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