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Re: Interest in a new picture/album browser?

Subject: Re: Interest in a new picture/album browser?
by ChrisH on 2010/4/22 21:18:17

@kas1e Quote:
ps. btw, what language you use when make it ? Your PortablE, or plain C , or something else ?

I *only* program using my PortablE language

I dislike C's syntax, amoung other things, and it misses two important modern features (OOP & exceptions). I loathe C++ with a passion. I have used ARexx in the past, but it's a terrible language for writing anything non-small (somewhat like BASIC in fact), and I no-longer need it now that I have a nice ARexx port module for PortablE. I still sometimes use AmigaDOS, but you won't write anything interesting using that, and I try to avoid it where possible these days.

Never tried Hollywood, but it's interpreted (and thus slow when your wishes exceed the language designer's imagination). I hope that my program will be faster (and more memory efficient) than what could be achieved using Hollywood, even if not quite as pretty (no anti-aliasing nor alpha-blending).

What i like, is that you call the problems by their names.

Not sure if you said that tongue-in-cheek or not :)
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