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Re: Cmake and adtools

Subject: Re: Cmake and adtools
by DStastny on 2021/8/31 16:43:20

@alfkil & @Raziel,

I just want to chime in on this about dynamic linking. I am with Raziel with this. For the size of executables we are now looking at static linking is almost to point of unusable with C++. Right now only viable option for C++ on AmigaOS is Clib2 statically linked.

For LLVM a Debug build is almost a 1.5 Gig and the Amiga Elf loader struggles runs executable two three times and memory is hosed.

Striped you are looking at minimum of 30+meg executable. The libStdc++ for Clib unstripped is almost 26megs. I would love to try to get Clang building but until a newer version of newlib becomes available that supports C++ 14 and the std namespace. I am not sure how much further I can go. And for LLVM there is no way to compile native. I had to reconfigure my Hyper-V to give at least 16 gigs of ram to my Linux instance to get LLVM cross to build.

Anyway just sharing some thoughts on dynamic vs static linking. Teach me to not just stick with C!


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