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Subject: Re: GDB
by billyfish on 2021/3/23 17:44:30

Thanks guys, I still haven't managed to get the breakpoints working, grr! Roman, can you remember when we did we have breakpoints working? If we did, then that will give me a base to compare to.

The helloworld example doesn't crash for me but the breakpoints don't work. For example

#include <stdio.h>

int main (void)
printf ("hello worldn");


Runs without crashing but any breakpoints just get ignored.

I've uploaded some updates which that to deal with the debug messages sent by our hook function. For instance,

#include <stdio.h>

int main (void)
int *i_p NULL;

printf ("here comes the crash...n");

/* BOOM! */
*i_p 9;


will now get caught by gdb, though you can't inspect the variables, etc. yet. So that needs adding too. Hopefully the code from https://github.com/alfkil/Spotless/blo ... r/SimpleDebug/Symbols.cpp will give that to us.

If you look at lines 96-109 of amigaos-nat.c, there are two new flags to adjust which functions get used by our target

 * If this is TRUE, then the breakpoint code based upon Spotless
 * is used. If this is FALSE, then the breakpoint code based upon
 * the old gdb 6.3 port is used instead.
static const BOOL s_use_spotless_breakpoints_flag FALSE;

 * If this is TRUE, then the memory transfer routine from the old
 * gdb 6.3 port is used. If this is FALSE, then the code uses the
 * new partial_mem_transfer API with amigaos_xfer_partial ()
 * instead.
static const BOOL s_use_deprecated_mem_transfer_flag TRUE;

So still more to do but hopefully the breakpoints will work soon!

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