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Subject: Re: GDB
by kas1e on 2021/3/7 14:22:57


I've been taking a look at the IExec debug interface too

Issues with x5000 surely can wait till we make basics works on other machines where it should work.

First, we need to understand why we "Can't determine the current address space of thread process". My guess is about inf/ptid things. Maybe even our new changes may cause this? Alternatively, there some functions which need to be implemented in the AmigaOS-nat part, and as example we can take any other one, like, for example, "rs6000-nat.c".


But I don't think being stuck for a week is a disaster.

Disaster is a loosing of interest which we had now :) Things can be done much faster if developers have just lost an hour in a day on GDB, which for 10 years most developers ask for. And we can have a working version just in few weeks. Sadly, while I always find the time, I never was a developer, because of which need always beg someone else :( And when there is no progress in days and weeks, and even no sign of it, it just makes it feels like a dead-end, like only I have interest in.

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