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Re: Redeclaration error

Subject: Re: Redeclaration error
by Capehill on 2020/11/22 9:36:42


Happy to report that I can reproduce the crash. I don't think it is caused by intuition.h hack. It looks like OpenGL calls executed without context, before the crash:

[OS4_GL_MakeCurrent] Called window=0x00000000 context=0x00000000
[OS4_GL_DeleteContext] Called with context=0x6319D300
[OS4_GL_DeleteContext] Found MiniGL context, clearing window binding
[OS4_GL_GetProcAddress] Called for 'glGetString'
[OS4_GL_GetProcAddress] Called for 'glGetIntegerv'

So context was deleted right before this crash on glGetInteger. Issue might be in SDL or ScummVM, need some more investigation.

EDIT: here is a quick "patch". I think issue is in ScummVM because SDL_GL_GetAttribute is supposed to get information about "the current context" ( https://wiki.libsdl.org/SDL_GL_GetAttribute ) which doesn't exist (== nullptr) here:

https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/blo ... glsdl-graphics3d.cpp#L182

I changed line 177 to:

if (_window->getSDLWindow() && _glContext) {

and Grim Fandango demo starts. Could you discuss about this with ScummVM developers?

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