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Re: StormC 5

Subject: Re: StormC 5
by kas1e on 2020/8/6 11:41:08


I just realized that there's StormC 5 available for OS4.

Anyone here using it?

Storm 3 and 4 were full environments with GCC (not only editor), but Storm 5 for OS4 is just StormED 5, just editor.

As editor is good enough, have folding, syntax highlighting, and stuff, but it discontinued from the beginning and even some bugs which I find while beta testing it wasn't fixed.

But Cubic IDE while looks a bit dated, always were fast one.

For myself, I use a cross-compiler on Cygwin and Notepad++ as editor. On amigaos4 itself when I need to just change/fix a little bit of code, I use casual Notepad or gVIM, because other editors have some flaws all the time. I.e.

- CodeBench gives 10 seconds waiting on running, which unacceptable for fast work. And the only way to have it without that 10 seconds long wait, being a beta tester of it. Add to that slow scrolling with syntax-highlighting in the latest versions.

- Storm5ED has some bugs, and not very well configurable.

- MultiEdit: have issues with the positioning of the edited text.

Even notepad: have issues with "save/load" GUI buttons being ghosted in some conditions while shouldn't. But at least it can handle big portions of data correctly. Through no syntax highlighting of course.

So while we have a lot of editors, i not sure if we have one moredern and without bugs and issues :)

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