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Re: The MiniGL thread

Subject: Re: The MiniGL thread
by Daytona675x on 2019/3/17 16:36:42

Thanks for that fresh thread If a moderator could now please clean up that poor Wings thread, please?

Also , maybe those "instability" issue with libtxc_dxtn wasn't libtxc_dxtn in end?

May well be! That extension string thingy caused all kinds of undefined trouble, and it probably was pure coincidence that replacing the dxt stuff seemed to improve the situation on my side.

For sake of test i tried minigl.library 2.20

Yes, that's what I expected and said yesterday: if you go for it you will get the old 2015 MiniGL lib by Hans to crash / freeze in similar ways. Naturally, after all it's even more buggy than our new version

All seems to works and renders correctly as before, and they all works. I even tried them running one after one : no lockup or crash.

Tried to reproduce it hard now , and can't from first try. Then, i keep about 5 instances working on the screen, and go to street for a hour, then when i back , they all crashes, with the same crash which i catch yesterday.

I'd say, let's release the current version as 2.23 and remove Hans' old 2015 download from os4depot. The new version apparently is at least equally stable and contains many fixes and new features required for some newer applications.
Regarding dxt: I put a new version online for you to check out. If that one behaves equally stable as the other, then I see no reason why not to use it.

Can you update the version and date binaries? ... Perhaps both release numbers should be updated at 2.23 ?

Yes, once we decided which of the two lib variants to use, I'll adjust version numbers, readme etc., and commit everything to the SVN. I'll also update the 7z there. Then we should use those final versions for os4depot too.

Have quick tested IoQuake3 and Smoking's guns .. both games now they showed a sort of FPS "broken" counter in the top area of the window... Are this added automatically from MiniGL?

Yes, this is an MiniGL feature, toggle by the env-var MiniGL/FrameStats 1/on. That format string got broken at some point in the past, those broken chars (most likely due to some UTF8 editor madness) should be µs ;) Well, and the output formatting itself completely fails. IUtility->SNPrintf is used for formatting, using C printf-style %4.4f and such. AFAIK SNPrintf doesn't support %f, which explains why it shows only funny f's... Apparently this never worked and I have no idea who the hell put that there.
I just fixed that too.

I have no idea how it should look Nor if it's different with earlier MGL versions.

@kas1e, Capehill, Hans
Regarding that crash ending up inside W3D_SI: maybe give it a try on an R200 system and see what happens?

No idea why any of the above would suddenly happen.
Because those guys started to actually poke at it

Other than that, from my side, I'd say: step by step. I think we all agree that we can now more than safely get rid of that antique more buggy 2015 MiniGL on os4depot. Fixing even more bugs is sth. for the next version, especially if it's sth. were you have to stress the system quite a bit to provoke it.

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