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Re: The MiniGL thread

Subject: Re: The MiniGL thread
by Hans on 2019/3/17 13:20:46


As you can see ABADCAFE in DAR , which mean we have accessed uninitialized memory.

Correct. The program has somehow ended up using uninitialized memory.

Stack trace point out in end of all on Warp3DNova, but that can be and SDL itself which cause that, and MiniGL, and Nova itself..

Actually, that's clearly MiniGL + Warp3D (the old one). Try not to get the old Warp3D and Warp3D Nova mixed up.


I hope also Hans would take a look at the crash. I will try to reproduce it again but if it has to be a some kind of stress test, it will be hard and time-consuming.

Based on the stack trace, the driver is calling IExec->AllocItemPool() but the pointer to the item pool is obviously wrong. Possible reasons why that could happen:
- Random memory trashing has corrupted the RadeonHD_RM.resource context (or not so random memory trashing, like an app/lib writing beyond the end of an array
- The pointer to said context itself has been corrupted
- The RadeonHD_RM.resource context was destroyed, but it's still being used

No idea why any of the above would suddenly happen.


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