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Re: The MiniGL thread

Subject: Re: The MiniGL thread
by kas1e on 2019/3/17 5:59:43


Have quick tested IoQuake3 and Smoking's guns .. both games now they showed a sort of FPS "broken" counter in the top area of the window

See grab here: https://ibb.co/wdVMJZF

Are this added automatically from MiniGL ?
With past version of the library i did not remember to have seen it

Yeah, something wrong at left side on top of window, but i didn't have that (not with last verison, not with previous ones). Are you sure you falsely didn't use for this test again that library from Huno ?

It just looks like something from wazp3d which Huno inbuild for version you have from him.

Retest it again with proper hard-reboot, etc and be 100% sure you test correct library

Can't see what wrong there , is problem on first screenshot what is keeps on the wall after sword, and on second one are the shadows on the face ?

Did that part looks any different in compare with minigl 2.20 / 2.21 ?

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