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Re: Porting to AmigaOS4 thread

Subject: Re: Porting to AmigaOS4 thread
by kas1e on 2019/12/18 12:18:40

If you want crosscompiler for exatly use all those autoconf, automake, aclocal, bisons, perls, cmakes and all stuff : then better not MSYS2, but CYGWIN. Reasons is that : cygwin will have no issues between unix and win32 pathes , so you will have no needs to deal with another issues.

MSYS2 (mingw and stuff) its more like gcc compiler for win32. And while it also have cmake, autoconf and stuff, it will give you issues because of win32 patches, like "/" vs "C:" , etc.

I just tried MSYS and wrote article about just because was in interst to check out how it all will be, but cygwin is better for ports (Exactly for ports, and for all that autoconf/cmake stuff).

If you in interest (and in last half of year i from day to day plan to do) i can write another article with step-by-step guide how to do all the stuff for cygwin and some tips/tricks.

MSYS2 are fine too of course, when you develop your own os4 software it make no differences then. But for porting work, and expectually things like scummvm, all those autoconfs/cmakes, then Cygwin, or you will need from time to time change all those "/" on "c:" and stuff, which kind of annoying.

Expectually that difference is only about what to install one time, and then use without problems.


Hmm, i was under the impression that i have to use the same "available" versions of sdk tools in a cross compiler as natively...obviously i was wrong, since cross compiling means only the binary will be amigaos...

You just will install there adtools, which later you can update by just latest SDK on top (the same SDK of course which used for native). Just in crosscompiler you will not have amigaos4 binaries to execute, but x86/x64 ones , which will generate amigaos4 bins. But includes, link libs and stuff - all will be the same of course.

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