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Re: LTO in AmigaOS4 gcc

Subject: Re: LTO in AmigaOS4 gcc
by kas1e on 2019/2/18 17:52:54

Soo.. Good news !

I rebuild foobillard++ with -O3 -flto for all objects and -O3 -flto for final linking line , and compare it with pure -O3 compile without lto. And results are for the same test (same size of game's window, same settings, just rerun few times 2 different binaries):

pure -O3 max: 64,1, avg: 60,19
-O3 -flto max: 72.7, avg: 68.57

What mean it works damn and give already quite a boost for first tested game ! +8fps , its about 12-13% speed increase !

Also, in the case with no lto, binary size are 16.318.671, and with lto are 15.863.290, so its not only faster by fps, but also less on 0.5mb.

Probabaly that huge boost can be explained by the fact, that everything compiled statically : SDL2, gl4es, glu, sdl2_image, sdl2_mixer, and all those 3d party libs, so -flto optimize them too on the linking stage by taking from those .a all the objects.

Will try to rebuild barony, frickingshark, prototype, neverball/neverput and quake3 , to see how they will behave with -flto.

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