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Re: OpenAL-soft for AmigaOS

Subject: Re: OpenAL-soft for AmigaOS
by kas1e on 2021/4/9 9:15:39


Good idea!

As I compile everything statically, I just remove open/close of Newlib in the latest SDL2 and compile it like this. And everything works then with old OpenAL fine again! No crash on exit! Even if I put the game's code about cleaning alut/openal resources back.

What did it mean then? Wasn't the opening of newlib happens in older SDL2? If it something fresh (like from last year's addon), then it can explain something. Maybe OpenAL doing something with newlib too?

Through, even if I remove the opening of newlib from SDL2, it still crashes with new OpenAL on exit, and in console, I have "Al lib: (EE) alc_cleanup: 1 device not closed". But once I remove that block:


if (context) alcDestroyContext(context);
if (device) alcCloseDevice(device);

I still have crashes, and in the console have words that 2 devices not closed.

In other words, old OpenAl seems ok there, just to fix the crash I need to remove open/closing of newlib in SDL2. New OpenAl still crashes: with original game code 1 device not closed, with commenting out cleaning of resources from game's code 2 devices no closed and crashes too.

Anyway, currently, I can just use old openal, with removing opening/closing of newlib in SDL2.

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