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Re: Using Visual Studio 2017 to Cross-Compile PowerPC Amiga OS4 Code via Cygwin-based adtools Toolchain

Subject: Re: Using Visual Studio 2017 to Cross-Compile PowerPC Amiga OS4 Code via Cygwin-based adtools Toolchain
by stonecracker on 2018/10/18 17:37:48

Great question.

TL;DR: If Mono framework gets ported to OS4 on PPC, then, yes, the stack of methods/techniques/approaches/software that I show in this and my related posts would almost certainly work -- verbatim -- to target/cross-compiled/ported .Net/C# code to OS4 -- with or without Visual Studio.

Long-ish answer:

Visual Studio isn't the issue. .Net/C# support is.

Visual Studio is just a (very good) IDE with built-in .Net/C# support because MS decided they wanted to support C# out-of-the-box. VS itself, though, can support almost any language, native compiler, cross-compiler, remote-cross-compiler-on-Linux, and/or framework imaginable.

Now, .Net/C# support for OS4 is non-existent at the moment, and probably won't ever come directly via MS as they will almost certainly never support OS4.

However, the amazingly feature-rich/complete/open source .Net clone aka Mono Framework (heavily supported by MS) with its fantastic .Net JIT engine, and C# compiler, is definitely a strong possiblity.

I say this because Mono/C# has already been ported to OSX/x86, Linux/x86, Linux/ARM64, plus a number of little-endian PPC POSIX environments, see https://www.mono-project.com/docs/abou ... ported-platforms/powerpc/

Given the strong support for Mono on both big- and little-endian PPC OS's (including Linux), it's probably quite doable as a port to OS4.

If that happens, then, yes, we can not only have C# code just cross-compile to OS4 but we can have an ocean of .Net code run on OS4. We would even be able to natively compile C#/.Net code on OS4.

All of which would be independent of the IDE involved.

But, lastly, the question of Visual Studio support of .Net/C# on OS4 would be, yes, it would work as just another Mono target like Linux or OSX on PPC or x86.

The catch: all the things needed (C11/C++14/full POSIX multi-threading/etc) to get all modern software (browsers/office suites/etc.) ported to OS4 are also needed to get Mono/.Net/C# working on OS4.

Of course, if we had the entire oceans of GNU C11/C++14-reliant software, and .Net/Mono software, available for OS4, all easily cross-compiled via the latest Visual Studio or other Windows IDE .... just, wow.

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