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Re: SDL1 open issues

Subject: Re: SDL1 open issues
by kas1e on 2018/3/15 17:45:07


Have you done a clean build? (because dependencies are not tracked if you use the native makefile IIRC).

Yep, always done clean build. But as far as i see, with native makefile no dependencies creates at all, so if i only change pure .c file, then its enough to just rebuild that object and link new library. Its only if i change .h file, there need to whole rebuild imho.


Could you also send the git diff against whatever branch you are using, then it should be easier for you and me to compare changes.

You mean diff git with those gl4es changes ? But as you see they hackish, as i completely remove minigl code from some files, but use the same .c files (so i do not need to worry about adding new files to the makefile, etc).

Maybe we need just another branch ("adding gl4es"), where we can put my changes, refactor it all a bit, etc ?

We can at moment just make it configurable in makefile. If let's say we do "make -f makefile.amigaos4 ogl_render=gl4es", then gl4es builds. If "make -f makefile.amigaos4 ogl_render=minigl" (or nothing, for example), then minigl build. Later we can think how to do it all better, etc, but for begining can be enough as well.
Like this:

export ogl_render

ifeq ($(ogl_render, gl4es)

(just in case, there is includes for gl4es which i have in SDK/local/common/include/GL4ES/): http://kas1e.mikendezign.com/aos4/gl4es/code/GL4ES_includes.zip

For public release then we can build with MiniGL, and any developer who want to use gl4es can buld sdl1 with gl4es switch ourself. Later we can think how to do it all better.. for now just having it in repo will solve extra hassle for sure :)


One random thing is that if you are not using MiniGL, you probably don't want to call os4video_AllocateOpenGLBuffers ever, assuming OGLES2 is doing buffer management.

Yep, commented that out, but didn't help in my case.


Where you have defined this OLDMINIGL?

I did't define it, its just like "#if 0" , so to have that part be commented out. It can be just #if 0, but i just call it like this so easy to view it all when do fast check of code.

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