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Subject: SDL2
by afxgroup on 2015/8/29 8:31:38


i've just committed on https://sourceforge.net/p/sdl2-amigaos4 the first import of SDL2 for OS4.

I've patched the configure file and moved some old code to the new SDL2. The remain things are events and video (that are simply copied and pasted into new folder).
Since from next week my time will become very few i need some help from you.

All is untested at moment. Also the code that compile. So don't expect to configure and make the project. But if someone wants to help me we can finish it very soon.

If you want you can test it using:

./configure --host=ppc-amigaos --prefix=/usr/local/amiga/ppc-amigaos/SDK/local/newlib --enable-rpath=no --enable-altivec=no --disable-pthreads

If you are cross compiling or:

./configure --enable-rpath=no --enable-altivec=no --disable-pthreads

If you want to compile it natively.

You should create a valid makefile with all OS4 stuff correctly configured (except maybe for something i miss).

The joystick, audio, cpu, thread and timer files *should* be ok but i haven't tested it so maybe now some library or device is not opened or opened after something else..

So if someone wants to help me please send me a private message with sourceforge email and i'll add it.

All games are moving from SDL1 to SDL2 so we need to finish it asap :)


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