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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by jabirulo on 2021/2/14 8:56:55


Recompiled a couple of games here with "-use-dynld" switch and no porlems, excpet on ZGlomm it compies ok, but when runnig I get a requester:

ELF.library: Unable to resolve symbol '_ZNSt7_cxx1112basic_stringSt11char_....'

Compiling without "-use-dynld" no problems.

link line is:
ppc-amigaos-g++ zgui.o hud.o script.o iffhandler.o font.o objectgraphics.o quick.o monsterlogic.o config.o zgloom.o renderer.o menuscreen.o decrunchmania.o titlescreen.o gloommap.o gloommaths.o gamelogic.o soundhandler.o binresource.o -lSDL2_mixer -lxmp -lmikmod -lmodplug -lFLAC -lsmpeg2 -lvorbisfile -lvorbis -logg -lSDL2 -athread=native -use-dynld -o ZGloom.debug

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