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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by kas1e on 2020/1/23 7:10:27

It seems I found what wrong with alt+enter (at least logically), and it seems very much like an issue you discuss with Raziel there:


At the end of the ticket, before talks about OpenGL starts, there is even the same find that "alt" is ticked, and a workaround to make keys in ResedualVM to work you need to hit "alt": that exactly what happens in DosBox and Quake3.

And that _only_ with SDL2. Not with SDL1. With SDL1 all fine.

So, I do check the SDL1 version and it seems that when you hit "alt+enter", then SDL1 hit another "alt" ourselves. I can see it in file manager used in DOSBox: when a single alt is hitting, it makes some visual action (blinking cursor over the filename), so I can visually see what happens and when with "alt".

I.e. you press alt+enter, it switches mode, and then SDL1 hit and realize "alt". Now, if after that you hit again "alt+enter", then it switches to another mode, but this time "alt" didn't hit again (seems it take second time's "alt" hit from alt+enter combo in account). But if you do any action after switching mode (i.e. when SDL1 hit "alt" after), and then "alt+enter", then SDL1 always will auto-press/realize ALT.

In other words, it seems in SDL1 we have a logical workaround for, or just handling loop done like it has done to mimic necessary behavior.

EDIT: It seems that issue maybe related to what kind of screen you switch. I.e. if screens are different (your WB in one resolution, and you switch to another one), then issue seems here. But when resolution is the same for both screen then (seems so) issue didn't happens.

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