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Re: SDL2

Subject: Re: SDL2
by kas1e on 2018/11/29 19:06:45


Regarding MiniGL workaround, maybe a function pointer check would be better solution. Anyway, that change was really targeted for MiniGL. As been discussed, there is a proper renderer backend for OGLES2.

But i am not about OGLES2, i am about GL4ES. Its totally different, just it working over ogles2.library, but its OpenGL2.0 , not OGLES2 from SDL point of view. Its the same as if we will have NEWGL , which will be version of 2.0 , and which we need to add to SDL.

And now, when we have in the SDL amigaos4 ifdefs , in the place where opengl is used , it will be taken and for minigl, and for NEWGL, which is wrong, and that why i ask about if there is any minigl specific changed done in sdl, they will be good to be ifdefed not for general amigaos4, but for amigaos4+minigl, as there can be amigaos4+newgl, amigaos4+gl4es (not ogles2) , amigaos4+any_other_gl_someday, etc.


SDL renderer should not be mixed with OpenGL context. I don't know what is going on with that APPLE stuff here. Perhaps a misguided developer or some SDL bug.

In that code, they for APPLE do create renderer via SDL_CreateRenderer() and on exit destroy renderer via SDL_DestroyRender(). But for all other oses (win32, linuxes, etc), they create renderer via SDL_GL_CreateContext (so they didn't use any SDL_CreateRenderer call), and destory it on exit via SDL_GL_DestroyContext.

By which it seems that there no needs to call SDL_DestroyRenderer, if renderer wasn't created via SDL_CreateRender. Right ?


Also if you are using the latest possible SDL2, it's not been tested by me at least.

I do all tests now on os4depot's version of SDL2.

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