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Re: Sam460 and 720p video playback

Subject: Re: Sam460 and 720p video playback
by ggw on 2014/12/1 4:20:01

I am not at all clear about HTTP Handler. Besides, I don't want my setup to differ from "stock", i.e. no workarounds that I am quite likely to forget are in place.

My "work around" is to use the command line and suffer the 3 [Cancel] clicks AND starting another window just to do BREAK for a graceful exit.

About documentation: I am not too good at automatically substituting "Amiga (and supposed obvious translations)" for Linux specific info.

I was looking for a "what is different for the Amiga MPlayer vs Linux" or where ever this code is derived. Maybe just a compile switch listing? then I can at least see what to NOT to follow along in the Linux documentation. I have followed along with (for the most part) the discussion about the various flavors of mplayer that are currently being worked on for OS4.

I'm never, ever sure how much to continue to soak up before asking specific questions. MPlayer is a good example of that, because of what I did read about the mplayer linux documentation was/is voluminus with many options. I'll mention again that my principal interest is in the audio for internet radio.

Thanks for your suggestion, anyway. I did go do some reading about the http-handler, but the questions mounted up faster than the answers, affirming my decision to stick closer to "stock".

George Wyche
PS. I do make non-trivial donations for the software I use, so this conversation might be more than just to an enthusiast. Thanks.

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