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Re: Link problem (relocation truncated to fit)

Subject: Re: Link problem (relocation truncated to fit)
by broadblues on 2010/3/22 15:09:56



mixing shared and static objects shouldn't be the issue.

Mixing static and shared libraries is an issue fullstop.

Best advice is to not do it. but if you must then make sure that non of your shared libs depend on any of the static ones, else it will crash at random.

Make sure that none of the static code going into your executable is -fPIC else when the executable size goes over a certain limit (aprox 18Mb can't remeber what the real number is) the -fPIC will require a PLT to make the jumps, but there is no PLT for the main exec only for shared libs, that will result in random and confusing crashies.

180Mb is real code size or code + debug?

As far as I can see if the majority of AmiCygnix libs are static, then an app using will have to be static too.

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