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Re: Introducing the Rear Window blog

Subject: Re: Introducing the Rear Window blog
by trixie on 2021/4/17 6:59:13


It made me dream of another universe where AmigaOS had been continuously developed by a dedicated company/organization without weird fights getting in the way and people getting mad and leaving and others wasting energy trying to reinvent the wheel etc. etc

Like everybody else I'm unhappy about the current state of things and the silly legal quagmire AmigaOS was dragged into. But as I have no say in decisions and cannot influence the situation, I think the best thing I can do is bring new software. Because if users realize that the OS ownership is uncertain, that system updates are scarce, that new OS4 hardware isn't coming, and on top of all this there's no new software, our userbase drain will be faster than bullets in a dodgy neighbourhood. Another reason is the wheel reinventing you mention, which unfortunately has been taking a growing proportion on the Enhancer project. People generally do not care whether their classes and datatypes come from Hyperion or A-EON or Shmaeon; they want - and quite vocally have been asking for - productivity apps. So I decided to write one.

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