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Re: Opening OWB from IBrowse

Subject: Re: Opening OWB from IBrowse
by xenic on 2009/1/18 17:48:12


I've encountered this problem before and it apparently occurs because IBrowse is already redirecting the output to a console (>CON:0/0/640/200/IBrowse...) when it launches a command. I don't think you want to redirect error output because you won't find out when something goes wrong with command startup. However, you can start OWB with a short script and redirect standard output to NIL. Here is the script I use:

; AmigaDOS Script for starting OWB from IBrowse
.key owb_start,xxxx/F
.def owb_start " "
.def xxxx "extra_args"

.bra {
.ket }

stack 500000
path/OWB >NIL: {owb_start}
; End of script

Replace "path" with the actual path to OWB on your system. I named the script "Start_OWB" but you can use any name you like. Be sure to set the "S" protection bit so that AmigaDOS recognizes it as an AmigaDOS script. Copy the script to your IBrowse directory. Enter the script name in the Action:Command string in the Button Configuration section and %u for the argument. When you press the button in the IBrowse toolbar, OWB should open with the same page displayed by IBrowse.

Please note that I've edited this post and added a stack command to the script. The OWB icon sets the stack to a similar value and it might be unstable without a large stack size. If OWB is still unstable you could try increasing the IBrowse Preferences/General/External Applications Default stack size to a higher value. I wouldn't do that unless necessary because it will waste memory providing a much larger stack than most Amiga programs need or will use.

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