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Re: What's happened to Smart FileSystem 2?

Subject: Re: What's happened to Smart FileSystem 2?
by joerg on 2007/5/29 19:07:59



This is the function I am using (from latest public SDK):

success = ChangeFilePosition( file, position, mode )
int32 ChangeFilePosition(BPTR, int64, int32)
Ok, then probably only the 64 bit directory scanning functions like ExamineDir() were not in the SDK yet.

The latest v52.3 version I uploaded to OS4Depot today should have working NSD64 support. If you could try it out with your filesystem it would be appreciated.
I've tested it successfully with a 4,546,701,312 bytes image file.

IIRC the ICD0 mountlist included in the old, m68k versions of diskimage.device is ok (a lot of it is for CacheCDFS, but it's ignored by CDFileSystem and doesn't cause problems). You just have to make sure it includes DosType = 0x43443031, LowCyl = 0 and BlockSize = 2048.
Thanks for that. I'll try it out if I can find/make some smaller DVD iso files to test with.
You can remove everything after the StackSize line from?CD1 and CD2, the "Control" options in these mountlists are only supported by CacheCDFS and are ignored by CDFileSystem.
You should use different names for the diskimage.device mountlists, if someone has 2 CD/DVD drives installed he has a CD1: already, and on classic Amigas at least DF0: is always there (unless the floppy drive is broken). An icon for DiskImageGUI should be included, even if it's just the def_tool one, if you put it into SYS:WBStartup without icon it's not started.

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