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Re: What's happened to Smart FileSystem 2?

Subject: Re: What's happened to Smart FileSystem 2?
by joerg on 2007/5/29 17:14:19



salass00 wrote:
I can't find it on the SFS page anymore:

There were bugs in the large file support, for example image files > 4 GB didn't work with my CD/DVD burning tool, but I currently don't have free HD space to create a SFS2 partition for checking what's wrong and fix it, therefore it's removed.
There was no interrest in it anyway, AFAIK the only programs in which large file support was added are lha and DvPlayer, both done by OS4 developers or beta testers who didn't need SFS2 for testing the large file support in their software.

I'm going to need a filesystem capable of handling files >4GB if I'm to test the mounting of DVD images with diskimage.device (I have just implemented NSD64/TD64 support but have yet to test it).

NSD64 is only half of what you need, the image file has to be accessed using 64 bit offsets as well. OS4 final includes the 64 bit dos.library functions, but IIRC they were not in the last public SDK yet. You'd have to write custom functions using the old, 32 bit dos functions as workaround. That's of course possible, but it's more work.
If the 64 bit dos.library functions were not in the last public SDK yet and the new diskimage.device is for AmigaOS4 only I could sent you a small link library with some 64 bit functions, but if you want to support AmigaOS 3.x as well you'll have to write your own functions based on the old 32 bit functions anyway.
I have another file system with 100% working large file support, if you sent me a beta version of diskimage.device I can test if it works correctly with files > 4 GB.

Also any suggestions on DVD mountlists for me to try/use would be appreciated too.

IIRC the ICD0 mountlist included in the old, m68k versions of diskimage.device is ok (a lot of it is for CacheCDFS, but it's ignored by CDFileSystem and doesn't cause problems). You just have to make sure it includes DosType = 0x43443031, LowCyl = 0 and BlockSize = 2048.

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