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Re: Installing JXFS

Subject: Re: Installing JXFS
by Deniil on 2009/9/1 14:22:08

Ok, this is just getting worse...

Everytime my backup runs I get a million requesters from JXFS that a block-ID was incorrect. After clicking OK a few hundred times I noticed that the requester saying that the block (there are 4 or 5 damaged blocks and they all seem to carry directory information since they reoccur all the time) was ALWAYS expected to have ID 0x44415441 but it was something else. A new random value every time.

Do you know what 0x44415441 spells if you write it in text?? It spells "DATA".

This smells like a bug to me. A word from Joerg would be much appreciated before my disk crashes completely.

The question is, should I reformat and fill the disk differently, hoping to hide the bad blocks, which JXFS apparently can handle or fix, in some mp3s or movies where they won't hurt anyone..? Right now they are scattered all over my programming backup directories.

So, is SFS better at handling bad blocks, or does it simply not report broken files? I believe in the latter since I have noticed that my mp3s have degraded in quality over time. There are more and more files with hickups in them (and I think its not just my imagination;)) and that partition uses SFS.

May JXFS simply be better at reporting the problems..?

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