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Re: SFS problem with FastATA MK-III and 160GB drive

Subject: Re: SFS problem with FastATA MK-III and 160GB drive
by Calgor on 2007/9/8 18:42:33


Just my luck that 1.275 had that AmigaOS3.x formatting problem. With 1.276 i can get most partitions to work except for one (sdh6:) which seems to work, but SFSCheck reports it has an error.

For example I have 3 partitions with problems, the rest are fine - sdh6:, sdh7:, sdh8:

If I format with SFS in order sdh6 sdh7 sdh8, then sdh6 reports problem, but sdh7 and sdh8 are okay.

If I then format sdh6, then sfscheck on sdh6 reports no errors, but sdh7 and sdh8 then do have problems even though I didn't do anything to them!

I can repeat these steps and sfscheck always fails on the same blocks within each respective partition (middle of sdh6, rootblocks of sdh7 and sdh8).

At the moment, I am leaving sdh6 with the error and all partitions are remembered on reboot and "seem" to have no problems.

Are there any other tools other than sfscheck I can use to verify the partitions?

EDIT: Also, why is sfscheck expecting or finding block type 0x42544d50? Is that the sfs data block type identifier?

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