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Re: Reborn return to castle Wolfenstein

Subject: Re: Reborn return to castle Wolfenstein
by kas1e on 2019/9/27 8:00:08

I seems to find what issues with crashes in Reboorn : once you fill up more than 256mb of GPU video memory (exactly GPU one, i.e. second chunk), you are crashes. Does not matter how you fill it up, just once your app want to handle anything in GPU which is more than 256 mb (i mean exactly GPU memory, that first 256 mb of "system video memory" are fine and independent). Its like we have 512mb video cards, 256 taken by system, other 256 are handled fine by GPU, and then anything more => crash.

I find it when port fresh version of SuperTuxKart, which crashes exactly on the 256mb barier of GPU memory. Even when just 240 filled up everything fine, but once you meet ~256 BAH.

And crashes exactly the same for me as it was for you with Reboorn : Crashed process can be any, and sata, and amidock, and input, and intuition, and everything at once.

And you was right : its about memory being out of some barier. But not of that first 256mb barier (which used by system), but another ones, second bank of real GPU video memory. I.e not usuall overflow, but something with handling of 256mb blocks of GPU video memory probabaly. Because once you hit ~256 mb => crash.

Its like, we didn't have 2GB of video memory on video card, but instead 512 : first 256 taken by system, second 256 are used by radeonHD3.x, but then everything which go futher -> crash

And its for sure not Reboorn issue, because its happens also with absolutly other game for me. That probably RadeonHD bug. As because if crashes exactly when we out of second 256 mb of video memory, mean that handling of banks/blocks/whatever fail somehow.

And at moment of crash, first 256mb of video memory (that system one, first chunk), have even 150-200mb free. Its when second 256mb chunk filled we crash (probabaly when we tried to use more than those 256mb of second chunk).

Check this out for more info:
http://www.amigans.net/modules/xforum ... hp?topic_id=8082&forum=25

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