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Re: Wings Remastered

Subject: Re: Wings Remastered
by Daytona675x on 2020/2/3 11:44:13

Nothing has changed. What I said here is still valid.
It's still almost done When will it be fully done? I can't say.

My motivation on this thing is low (which is what happens if you massively underestimate the workload and a project takes muuuuuuuch longer than you thought), I have other things to do too, I want to do other things too, and I'm not married to Wings (last not least because I didn't ask or take any preorder-$ so far; I'll ask for my share once it is fully done).
Occasionally I work on it, but not too often. However, some weeks ago (4.1.2020) new demo versions were published. Those reflect the current dev state. Feel free to give those a try:

Wings Demo AOS4 Warp3D
Wings Demo AOS4 Warp3D Tabor SPE
Wings Demo MorphOS
Wings Demo AROS x86
NEW: Wings Demo AOS4 MiniGL for MiniGL4GL4ES
(please don't link to these files directly, link to this comment instead. Also, please don't upload those files elsewhere. Thanks!)

Also please note that asking the same question over and over again at different places won't change anything at all and won't speed things up neither. Sorry, but that's how it is and it is as it is.
So once and for all, there are two options:

1. wait until it's done. And it's done when it's done and when I say that it's done. But yes: some day it will be done. Simply because I don't trash a game that's almost done
2. cancel your preorder at Cinemaware Retro (and no, I'm not in touch with them) if you don't want to wait.

And if you're worried what I'd do in the theoretical case that I don't get my share for whatever theoretical reasons:
I'd certainly not trash the game...

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